Victims of domestic violence are especially vulnerable at work because abusers know where to find them. There are steps you can take to protect yourself while at work:

  1. Talk with someone at your workplace you trust regarding your situation.
  2. Notify security of your safety concerns. Provide a picture of the abuser and a copy of protective orders to security, supervisors, and reception area staff.
  3. Have your calls screened, use a password.
  4. Review the safety of your parking arrangements. Have someone escort you to your car, and obtain a parking space near the building entrance.
  5. Ask co-workers to call the police if the abuser threatens or harasses you at work.
  6. Ask for flexible or alternate hours.
  7. Ask to relocate your work space to a more secure area.
  8. Review the safety of your child care arrangements. Give a picture of your abuser and a copy of the protective order to the day care provider. If necessary, consider selecting a new day care site.
  9. Request that all information be treated with confidentiality to provide for your safety and well-being.