Cyntoria’s story

We met Cyntoria and her son after they fled their home due to abuse. Read her message below:

“You are worthy of peace, love, and respect! Those eight words are the reason I have been able to climb mountain tops, that seemed impossible to reach. Hello, my name is Cyntoria Vaughn and I to was once in a domestic violence relationship. I know the hopeless and the “I’m stuck” feelings all too well. However, I am here today to tell you, you are worthy of peace, love, and respect. As humans we were put on this earth to live and love life, not to be stuck in survival mode 24/7. The same strength you use to stay, is the same strength you need to leave, because you are worthy of peace, love, and respect. Staying in an abusive relationship takes a toll on you and honestly it changes you forever. Yet, there is light at the end of your tunnel. You have a community of supporters that is rooting for you and ready to show you that you are worthy of peace, love, and respect. Hope’s Wings is hands down the best program that could give you the support you need to leave. Leaving is hard, probably one of the hardest things you must do in life, especially since you and your partner have shared great memories. However, do you know what is on the other side of fear?  OPPORTUNITY! The opportunity to have a peaceful life, the opportunity to heal and learn to love yourself, the opportunity to gain a peaceful environment for yourself (and children if you have them). I am here to tell you, that you are worthy of peace, love, and respect.”

Because of help from people like you, Cyntoria and her son got the fresh start and new life they deserved. Cyntoria works a part time job and finishes her Master’s degree in December. We are asking you to continue the good work that people of this community started by making a gift that will bring new life and new hope to women and children who are survivors of family violence.  With your caring generosity, women and children just like Cyntoria and her son can go from simply surviving to thriving!